The Destruction of things to make more things…..that I like.

Stefanie and I moved to Nashville about 3 months ago, and to be honest, didn’t really have a clear thought on what the experience would entail.  I just quit my job of 2 years in Chicago, and Stef was seeking an internship opportunity in Urban Planning in hopes of pursuing Grad school next fall.  Nashville is our 2009-2010.


Although at times I feel very scatter-brained on what my future holds, I know I want to be owning and operating some form of social gathering place.  Whether that is a cafe, bar, coffee shop….etc, I don’t quite know.  I do know, that, in recent months I have had a more clear picture of what that might look like.  So, the process starts.

For me, this year in Nashville means being near my close friends, trying to spark as much creativity and gain as much knowledge for the next step in my life.

Restruction is a space to show you some of the things that I am creating and thinking about.  I hope you enjoy.



~ by samwessner on July 25, 2009.

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